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The Power of Music

Pablo Embon is an Argentinian-born, Israeli-based musician, composer and producer. He has released  22 original albums to date since 2004. All his music is performed, recorded, mixed and produced by himself. Amongst the music tracks, there is a multitude of jazz stylings, however he is not a purist when it comes to Jazz: His music is fusion, drawing on indirect influences which include Pat Metheny, Chick Corea, Al Di Meola and others.  His albums contain also other music styles, such as Alternative, Smooth, Funk, orchestral instrumentals, and solo instruments tracks.
Pablo Embon shows all of his experience in each one of his albums. On each and every of the tracks, listeners are able to luxuriate over the rich instrumental notes which strike deep at the core of Pablo’s riffs, and transport themselves to different places, different moods and immerse themselves in a wonderful and approachable Jazz experience.
Since both of his grandmothers were Piano teachers, the instrument drew his attention at a very young age. His second core instrument was the guitar, which started learning when he was 9 years old and later on continued perfecting music theory, technical skills as trained by famed classical guitarist Eduardo Isaac, in his early youth.
Pablo Embon continued development in his music career includes mastering harmonization, orchestration, vocalization and arrangement techniques for several music styles. At the point when he immigrated to Israel, he had already spent years creating and performing modern and alternative Jazz compositions. His education further continued in music recording and production, skills which are used by him till today to craft his masterful recordings. 
Pablo Embon won several music contests in Argentinian performing live with modern bands, and several of his albums have been recognized for his unique Jazz Fusion style. His most recent album “In Your Skin” released in early 2021 has won outstanding reviews in several music magazines and radio stations such as The Ark of Music: “Profoundly and wonderfully expansive. Warming, Comforting. Uniting. And inclusive…one of the best-kept secrets in Jazz”; in Contemporary Fusion Reviews  he was given the Most Highly Recommended Rating, with a (perfect) “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 5.00; in  Music Street Journal : ”It's definitely the kind of quality release I've come to expect from Embon" and featured in European and South America Jazz Music Radio Stations podcasts with Bruno Polacci’s AnimaJazz Italian Radio show in collaboration with the Accademia D’Arte Di Pissa, and other European Radio stations.  
Pablo Embon is noticeable among other egregiously talented musicians in that he is highly accomplished on multiple instruments and had the privilege of studying and composing in vastly different geographic sectors. Listeners around the world will not be disappointed.


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