I’ve been in the music production business for more than 15 years and understand that no song can be a hit without a solid, well-balanced mix. Samples of my final products can be found on my music page

Having an experienced engineer mix your music will significantly enhance the quality and marketability of your material. Since mixing is also an art, the mixing engineer needs to be capable of understanding the intent of your music. This goal is greatly accomplished when this person is a musician himself.

Since I’ve been an independent musician for so many years, I understand the real need to have access to great services at affordable rates. That’s the reason why I offer special mixing rates to support unsigned musicians.

Mixing Tools used: Cakewalk Bandlab, Ozone Mastering Suite, Waves SSL V6, UA HD Plug-ins, PLParEQ Refined Audiometrics Professional equalizer, Lexington Reverb, Voxengo Mastering Suite, Altiverb, Voxengo HarmoniEQ Equalizer, Kjaerhus Gold Series, Sonitus fx suite, Elephant Compressor, UA Audio Eventide H910 Harmonizer and others.