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Offline Review of
"Where We Came From".

Steven Azami has kindly reviewed my Jazz Fusion track "Where We Came From" I composed in March 2024. Here are the insights.

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Where We Came From Master
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Overall Impression

International jazz composer Pablo Embon reconnects listeners to their primordial selves, on his release of "Where We Came From." Featuring an acoustic guitar-heavy arrangement, this track incorporates elements of folk, orchestral  and New Age music into a tantalizing contemporary jazz sound. A relaxed 6/8 groove plays behind sweeping strings, vibrant piano and an array of guitars both acoustic and electric on this dynamic composition, transporting audiences through exquisite solo sections and compelling motifs that seem to represent evolution via growth and change. It's fluid melodies and iridescent orchestration make Pablo Embon's "Where We Came From" an absolute must-listen for any modern jazz or New Age music fan.

Strongest Point(s)

Excellent production, solid mix. Gorgeous composition and a well-staged, dynamic arrangement. Brilliant choice to use the tide foley as a framing device, reinforces the "origin of man" story you are trying to tell here. Outstanding instrumentation and orchestration, building to a lush and multicolored finish. Fantastic rhythmic textures, nice shift in the groove when the strings first enter. The 6/8 time signature allows for some interesting polyrhythmic layers. Incredible melodic content with amazing fluid motion.The main motif is strangely compelling, great theme and variations. Solos were impressive across the board, but I found the electric guitar sections particularly fascinating. Incredible tone there and technique. The final passage is a nice cool down after the build up. The woodwinds there add yet another wonderful element and texture. Overall, this is a truly remarkable work in nearly every regard. Terrific composition and tremendous execution. Stellar job, all around!

Target Audience Appeal

Fans of Jazz, Instrumental, Contemporary Jazz, Folk Jazz, Smooth Jazz, New Age, Symphonic Jazz.

Artist target suggestions Pat Metheny, Al Di Meola, George Winston, William Ackerman, David Cullen, Ray Lynch, Mike Stern, Acoustic Alchemy, Fourplay, Rippingtons, Tuck Andress, T.K. Gardener, Armik, Kit Walker, Chuck Loeb, Spyro Gyra, Yellowjackets


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